Plant Walls & Living Walls

From Brussels to Buenos Aires, plant walls are one of the most popular interior design trends in the world. Customers, tenants, clients and travelers across Chicago find plant walls fascinating. They bring organic, green plant energy into any setting and engage viewers—just like artwork. By blurring the lines between landscaping and art, even the smallest plant walls can awaken offices and lobbies.

Green Wall Chicago Lobby

Living Lobby

Green Wall Close-up

Real Energy

Live Green Plants in Wall

Oxygen Emissions

Plant Wall Installation

Our team has experience designing some of the largest indoor plant walls in the country. We install green walls with durable, low-light tropical plants. Similar to indoor botanical garden, larger plant walls with higher density of plants breath enough oxygen into the air to make their presence felt across an entire room. We favor minimalistic designs and offer a range of frames and tropical plant options.

Succulent Green Wall Closeup


Green Plant Wall with White Frame


Green wall with red flowers


Green Walls—Simple & Low-Cost

If you want to energize an office, hotel lobby or cafeteria with something fun and unique—we can find a design that works for you. Our affordable green wall designs fit a range of budgets. Some of our walls have self-contained irrigation systems while others require manual watering. Whatever you need, we can explore green wall options that fit your business and budget.


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