Floral Designs for Events, Businesses & Hotels

Our fresh flowers and flower arrangements deliver energy and natural beauty to any setting. From rare and expensive to classic and budget-friendly, we have a wide-range of options and pricing. We feature plants, flowers and natural elements from everywhere, including anything we can find locally. We source from Hawaii, Columbia and across the country to ensure freshness, quality and affordable pricing year-round.

purple green and white flower arrangement


purple flowers, green leaves in bowl


yellow gerber daises white lilly arrangement


Flower Discounts for Weekly Arrangements

There is no substitute for real, fresh flowers. If your businesses or hotel needs regular flowers delivered on a weekly basis, we have a range of discount plans and options. Our expert florists find ways to reduce costs without compromising quality. From traditional to contemporary, McFarlane Douglass is flexible, but we always deliver premium flower arrangements. Our design team works closely with our customers to understand personal taste and style.

rustic flower arrangement with wooden bowel


purple orchid silver container on table


Succulent on table design



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